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Dennis Royalty, communications consultant and managing editor of the internal publication Eli Lilly and Company sends to its employees worldwide
"Sue has tackled the variety of assignments that we have sent her way like the pro she is: her copy is inviting, concise and accurate. She has proven herself to be adept not only at catching on to the complexities of our business, but in delivering reader-friendly articles that appropriately incorporate key messages important to our company’s success."

Bob Murray, vice president, Corporate Communications, USA Funds
Sue Spence is an excellent writer and editor. She helps USA Funds manage a large project each year, and I know I can count on her to deliver clean copy on deadline – or before. Her understanding of the student-loan program shows in her work, whether she's writing brochure copy, newsletter stories, advertising testimonials or education manuals. She's like an extra member of the communications team!

Teresa Detrich, director of Electronic Communication for Lumina Foundation for Education
Sue Spence delivers content on time and takes meticulous care in its development. Sue has a good eye for a story, does her homework and can work with a minimum of supervision. Her expertise on the complex issues that higher education faces makes her an invaluable partner to Lumina Foundation.

Mary Barr, former Community Health Network publications manager and now director of marketing and communications at Ball State University

"Sue Spence does a wonderful job interviewing and writing a wide range of story types. She takes the ball and runs with it and provides clean writing with a lot of maturity."