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As winter approaches, many of us in central Indiana suffer from a seasonal affliction – couch potato syndrome. You’re probably familiar with the symptoms:

  • You stay under the bedcovers longer and longer each morning.
  • You snuggle on the couch to play a game or watch a movie.
  • You curl up by the fireplace with a book.


After all, it’s cold outside! And it's dark in the morning and pitch-black by dinnertime. Who wants to move? Who wants to go outside?


The physicians and staff at Community Health Network want you to get moving this winter. Resist the urge to hibernate! Through its "My Community Gets Healthy" initiative, Community is encouraging people to exercise. Download PDF...

Community Health Network


If you suffer from the pain and unsightliness of varicose veins but you don't want to have surgery, a new laser treatment available through Community Health Network can get you back on your feet quickly.


Endovenous laser treatment zaps the cause of varicose veins and, in most cases, eliminates the problem within a few weeks. The outpatient procedure is done without general anesthesia, takes just 30 minutes, rarely causes complications and remains effective long-term, says Joseph Yedlicka, MD, an interventional radiologist at Community Hospital North. Download PDF...

Community Health Network

Peripheral Vascular Disease brochure

If your legs hurt when you walk, you may have a condition called peripheral vascular disease. It's quite common in people over 50, and it affects up to 20 percent of people 65 years old or older.


The cause: narrowed or clogged arteries that interfere with the blood flow to your legs. Generally this narrowing is caused by atherosclerosis, which occurs when cholesterol and scar tissue form plaque along the sides of the arteries.


Community Health Network’s new state-of-the-art Center for Interventional Radiology offers non-invasive diagnostic procedures and treatment options that can help eliminate blockages and alleviate the leg pain. Karen Ehrman, MD, an interventional radiologist with Irvington Radiologists, answers questions about the condition and discusses treatment options available at Community. Download PDF...

Methodist Hospital

They come on in the early morning hours. The aching, throbbing pain usually wakes Rachel Hickey about 5 a.m.


Before long, her head is spinning, her stomach upset. She crawls from bed – so dizzy she can't walk – seeking relief from another migraine headache.


For 15-year-old Rachel and the estimated 20 million migraine sufferers nationwide, a new kind of medicine can stop this debilitating pain in a matter of minutes. Download PDF...