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Shaw Marketing Partners
Testimonial copy mailed to current and potential clients

Excerpt: Each month CEO Chet Burrell spends several hours really listening to what his customers have to say about RealMed Corp.


He doesn't just hear their opinions about the products and services his company provides. He gets their thoughts on the company's competitors and how RealMed compares. He learns whether clients plan to keep doing business with RealMed or whether they are shopping around for a better deal. He gains an understanding of their perceptions of the company and whether they feel they get their money's worth for the price they pay. And he receives feedback on how clients would improve or enhance RealMed's products and services.


"You need to understand and listen to what the customer is saying – then act on it," he says. "I place a great deal of importance on this information and use it to shape, direct and lead the company. And it's important to have someone good and reliable to gather the information."


Burrell's collaborator in this process is Ron Shaw of Shaw Marketing Partners. Download full document...